Asir Laundromat

The only Laundromat in Rishiri Island

Asir laundromat(‘asir’ means “new” in ainu language) is the only first self -service coin laundry in Rishirifuji-cho,which was opened in the year 2020 for the benifits and convieniet of residents, and aslo tourist visiting to Rishiri Island. This Asir Laundromat is located just 3 minutes drive from Oshidomari Ferry terminal point.

This self-service laundromat has capacity to wash the clothes up to 27kgs at a once and we use the standard detergent and softener liquid. There is also a Vending machine for bleach and softener sheet to purchase, if you prefer to use additionally.

Business Hours;

Every Day: 08:00AM ~ 08:00PM
More Details: +81-80-4040-7704


Sakaemachi 48-1, Oshidomari
Rishirifuji-Cho, Rishiri-Gun
Hokkaido 09701010